Santi Martins – Miami, FL
I picked my new baby at the airport 4 days ago. She is a sweet puppy with calm personality. They did such an awesome job with all their puppies. I will definitely be contacting them again for any future adoption. I can tell my baby was handled with love from day one.

Thanks for such an awesome new baby!

Donna Gonzalez – Newark, NJ
My kids & I just wanted to thank you for our little bundle of joy. We’ve named him Saint-B, & he is an absolute joy. Puppy-hood is hard work but he has been so worth it! Saint-B is doing beautifully with training, he’s met some of his “doggy cousins” (and did wonderfully playing and getting to know them), & has even learned to Sit & Lay Down. He is such a well-adjusted, socialized, and lovingly nurtured puppy. The effort you’ve made with him before we brought him home is so evident. We both feel so happy and blessed to have found you, and found our new family member. We can’t imagine life without him!

Thank you so much!

Eric Torkowsi – Northbrook, IL
Hi! We wanted to send you some pictures of our adorable puppy and to let you know how she is doing. Mia is doing well and has become the ultimate canine companion to our family. Her playful nature and limitless antics enrich our lives, and those of our neighbours and friends, on a daily basis. She is endlessly patient with children and she is always eager to greet them and look after their wellbeing.

Thank you so much!

Melissa Oldham- Charlotte, NC
Hello Emmanuel, Indie, Claire, Collins, Jude, Michael, Manning & Townsend, it’s been few months now and Onix is doing great. I wanted to thank you very much for all the information you provided and for answering all my dumb questions. I am so glad I listened to you regarding his personality – he is a perfect fit for our family. He actually tolerates, my son and daughter harassing them when she gets the chance. For anyone reading this and may be on the fence, tell them about your family and trust them to choose the puppy to match. They raised them from birth so knows better than anyone about their temperament, I am living proof.

Thanks for everything.

Gina & Marlow Guiles – Detroit, MI
Good morning Emmanuel, Indie, Claire, Collins, Jude, Michael, Manning & Townsend I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with baby Vila. She’s a beautiful girl and as sweet as the day is long. She’s getting used to my daughter and she is enjoying all of her new toys. She’s an excellent eater, which makes me very happy.

Thank you so much for trusting me with this incredible puppy. My household is now complete!
I’ll take more pics and send them your way as Zila becomes more comfortable in her new surroundings.
Blessings to you.

Paul & Cathy Sutton – New York, NY
Emmanuel, Indie, Claire, Collins, Jude, Michael, Manning & Townsend are great! The transaction was quick and smooth. I was afraid to deposit funds in their account at first, they told me to trust them which I am happy I did and they shipped my puppy to my home address within 2 days. They were prompt with responding and shipping was a breeze and can we talk about how reasonable their prices are? My new puppy is in gorgeous, great health and is just the sweetest thing. They are great to work with and offered their advice in the future if needed.

Thanks again.

Amy & James Garrison – Tacoma, WA
Emmanuel, Indie, Claire, Collins, Jude, Michael, Manning & Townsend are awesome, they will answer any questions, I have had small dogs for some time, I adopted a sweet boy from them and they were there for every question I had! I was very scared to give so much money to someone in another state so far away, did not know if they would take money and run, they did not, they are great please adopt from them. I was like you did not know who to trust you can trust them.

Thanks & Stay blessed.

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