-We are making our puppies more affordable & accessible to the average person with low income. That’s why our adoption fee per puppy is reasonable & affordable. Our puppies have wonderful, calm & laid back temperament & personalities. We only offer superior puppies from top bloodlines, with the correct physique, health, conformation & temperament.

-All of our adult dogs are tested annually for, eyes, heart, ears, teeth, hip dysplasia, knee problems and they are all OFA Certified. Our pups are raised in our home with our kids, cats, other dogs & animals. Are calm, laid back & mellow, they are not hyper, jumpy or barks a lot.

-Our main priority is to give you a perfectly healthy puppy with a sound mind & amazing conformation. Our puppies are outgoing, handled & with happy personalities. Our puppies are non- shedding & hypoallergenic. Use the quick links below to get to the breed you want. E.g, if you want a Maltipoo puppy, click Maltipoo below for all available Maltipoo puppies. Etc.

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