About Us

Thanks for visiting our website. Our names are, Phillipa, Mike, Marie, Jude & Claire. We are located in Midland, TX. We have potty/crate/leash trained, playful, happy, healthy, calm & laid back Maltipoo & Maltese puppies: Teacup (2.7 – 4.7 lbs) & Full size (4.7 – 7.8 lbs). All puppies available & ready to go today for adoption. 9 weeks old, males &  females available now for adoption right now. If you are looking for a vet checked, de-wormed, UTD on all shots and well adjusted puppies, then you are at the right place. Our puppies are not jumpy, hyper or barks a lot, rather, playful with kids/adults, our cats, other animals, mellow & home raised|handled by kids/adults, men & women. 

What Makes Us Different From The Rest Of The Pack?
We don’t just breed, our adult dogs and puppies are our furry family. Talk to anyone who has one of our puppies and they will tell you that the extra time, love and care we put into hand-raising our puppies is “priceless”. We hope that as you read through this page you will see that we know what we are doing. We are very hands on with our puppies from the time they are born until they are in your loving arms! Our puppies spread good vibes wherever they go. Outgoing & gentle, they love nothing more than to cuddle on the couch, romp on the carpet or play in the yard. We have hand selected each parents for the best health and genetics with an awesome pedigree. Our puppies will come with a three (3) years health guarantee against any health problems or defects.

As breeders we know it is our responsibility to maintain the breed to its standards and characteristics to the best of our ability. Health and quality are tantamount to us. All of our breeding are planned well in advance considering both phenotype and genotype. We have more attention for correct length of legs, open nostrils, sound eyes, good temperament and excellent movement. Our puppies are the best companion you would love to have you at home during leisure at the park or travel companion. So don’t miss out.

We have been breeding puppies for many years now and we love every part of our it. We provide a very warm & friendly environment for these puppies. Our puppies gets the highest level of care, because we treat all of them well. If you are looking for a precious little puppy at an affordable price, that is healthy, and has a sweet temperament, then this is the right place for you. Our puppies are suitable for people living in an apartments or condos. They do not drool or make loud noises. 

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Vaccinations & Play:
Our puppies are playful with kids & adults of all ages. Current with their age appropriate shots. We provide you with due dates of their next available shots. Our puppies are not only fully vaccinated, they are also calm, laid back, well-socialized with other dogs, cats, birds, kids & adults of all ages. Complete shot records will be provided to you.

1st Shot: (Distemper/Parvo 6-9 wks Old),

2nd Shot: (Distemper/Parvo 3 wks later (11-12 wks Old),

3rd Shot: (Distemper/Parvo 4 wks later (15-16 wks Old) ,

1st Rabies Shot: (Killed Vaccine,at 5-6 months Old).

Because we are small, we have all the time to raise our puppies in a family environment with lots of interaction, attention & socialization. Our puppies are involved in our daily routines, handled daily, played with individually & group play. When you get a puppy from us, your contact with us does not stop there. We’ll be available to answer any questions, as long as you need us, prior, during & after the adoption. Getting a puppy from us is much easier than you think. We have the experience & can get the puppy you want in your hands anywhere in the country within 48 hours. Our puppies are shipped nationwide, out of Midland International Airport to your nearest airport, or we can meet you halfway with the puppy you want (half payment required for fuel and other costs before meeting) or we can deliver puppy directly to your house with our climate controlled pets delivery van.

Our puppies are currently on royal canin puppy food. If you are going for a vacation no problem, we can hold your puppy until you return from vacation.  All our puppies are now ready to be placed in new homes. Contact us with the name of the puppy you want. Once payment for a puppy is received, that puppy is removed from our website for holding & is not offered to another person.

-Many people ask if it is safe to ship a puppy. Delivery is very safe and stress free on the puppies. We do not ship our puppies as cargo. They travel in the cabin and in constant care/supervision from the pets delivery crews. A lot of people think puppies are drugged, put in a box, tossed around with the rest of the baggage or left in a hot crate for hours, etc. If this was true then we would never ship any of our puppies. After almost 16 years of breeding/delivering puppies all over the country, we have never had any problems with our delivery besides normal delays and that is fairly rare as well.

-We deliver our puppies nationwide using airlines, pets delivery vans or one of their companion delivery airlines. (Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue, Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines or one of their companion airlines. Our preferred delivery method is airport delivery because it’s very safe, it’s the fastest, safest & best way to quickly transport our puppies from our place to you. Also you can easily pick up your puppy at any local or major airports near you. We also offer an optional delivery addons: Halfway Meetup & Home Delivery Services. These options are up to you, If you want Halfway Meetup or Home Delivery Services, then let us know when emailing us.

Halfway Meetup:
We can drive & meet you halfway with the puppy you want. + $300 extra.

Home Delivery Services:
Our experienced pets delivery nannies will hand carry, accompany and carefully deliver your puppy at home or work address provided. Our pets delivery nannies are first of all animal lovers and owned dogs and cats and have lots of experience with animals. + $550 Extra.This option is very convenient, and very safe for your puppy. Our delivery nannies will attend to your puppy the entire time, will also give him/her potty breaks throughout the day, feed puppy and give puppy water whenever needed.

Each Puppy Come With:
New Approved Crate (Can be used in the house crate-training process),
Feeding & Water Dish & Food,
Vaccination Records,
Health Certificate & rabies (9 weeks +) for shipping from a Veterinarian,
-Health Record Booklet,
-Up to Date Vaccinations,
-3 Years Written Health Guarantee,
-A Puppy Contract,
-Heartworm, Flea & Tick Treatment.

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